The Reid House, located at 134 West John Street in downtown Matthews, was built in 1890 by Edward Solomon Reid. A prominent businessman in Matthews, Mr. Reid sold the house to his sister Ellen in 1893, the year she married Dr. Thomas Neely Reid. Dr. Reid was from Sharon Township, North Carolina and was not related to the Matthews Reid family. Upon his graduation from University of the City of New York, Dr. Reid settled in Matthews and began practicing medicine in 1889. Dr. Reid served the citizens of Matthews for fifty-seven years until his death in 1946 at the age of 78. He was a colorful figure in town, beloved by his patients. Dr. Reid was one of the first people in Matthews to trade his horses for the “new fangled” automobile.

The house was named for Miss Nancy Reid, the youngest of Dr. and Mrs. Reid’s daughters. She was born in the house on January 9, 1898 and lived there until her death on January 25, 1986. She was well educated and taught in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System for 35 years. Mrs. Sarah Redd of Columbia, South Carolina, a niece of Miss Nancy’s, inherited the house upon her death. Mrs. Redd generously gifted the house and property to The Matthews Historical Foundation on December 31, 1987.

The Reid House is considered unique because it was one of the few Victorian Queen Anne style homes built in Mecklenburg County. With its design of gingerbread cupola, Chinese Chippendale porch railing and rounded turret it has remained a wonderful example characteristic of Victorian style. The large windows, still with the original glass, the height of the interior walls, nearly 12 feet, and the woodwork and cross molding above the windows all are evident in homes of this era. Unfortunately, the furniture is not original to the house but is period correct.

The exterior and interior of the house have been remodeled. The front porch was originally a verandah that was connected to the porch on the left side. That was changed and a bathroom added, which appears to the left of the porch. The back porch was enclosed in the 1950s. The existing dining room was a bedroom and the original dining area has become solely a kitchen. The chandelier in the dining room is said to be a replica of one in the White House. An extra bedroom and bath were also added by Miss Nancy at the back of the house and serves today as the “bride’s room.” The gazebo was constructed in 1996, using the Chippendale woodwork pattern found on the front porch as a guide. It makes a wonderful addition to the large backyard.

The Reid House is owned and operated by The Matthews Historical Foundation and rented for various special events limited to 99 guests. Charming and quaint, it has been the setting for numerous weddings and receptions, parties, dinners and Victorian teas. Adding historical significance to Matthews, it is truly one of the area’s “best kept secrets.”

More detailed information on the Reid family and the Reid House can be found on the HistoricMatthews Reid House website.